Cork T-shape

Cork T-shape two-component

Cork breakage is eliminated when the bottle is opened. This is achieved by fastening the stem to the cap of the plug by direct injection.
A cap and a foot of a stopper are made of different materials and have different properties.
To protect against product falsification, it is possible to place the customer's logo on the cork leg.
We will apply the logo by hot foil stamping. This method has wide visual possibilities.
We will make a two-color cork (a cap and a leg of different colors).
At the request of the customer, we will change the color and structure of the cork.
Cork T-shape two-component
Cork has a high degree of protection against leaks. Due to the features of the polymer material, this model minimizes the marriage when corking.
Cork T-shape two-component with air-channel
Cork removes excess air when corking. When the temperature difference is not createdoverpressure inside the packaging. This gives a guarantee against leakage whentransportation and storage of the sealed container.
Cork T-shape two-component with air groove and girdle
The special design of the leg with the groove allows to take the form of the closure part of the container, which makes it easy to cap the bottle and protect it from leakage. Belt in turn creates additional protection reliably fixing a stopper inside the bottle that is actual in bottles with unevenness of the closure part of the neck.
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